The Wazz-a-cow™ Cutter

Don't lose control on fast or stale cattle

We've spent over 10 years perfecting a mechanical cow which provides you with an easy to use, safe and reliable cutting horse training method, whether you're a beginner or a professional. Inspired by the Cutting Horse, we're committed to providing you with a product which is excellent value for money.

The Difference is Clear

Wazz-a-cow™ is a truly 100% portable mechanical cow training device. It will run all day long from a small 12 volt battery and with weekly use, coupled with our solar charger, you may never need to recharge - no need for expensive Deep Cycle batteries or inverters here!

For running 24/7 you may need our universal AC/DC adaptor, designed for all weather conditions this will power your cow from any power point with any voltage worldwide.

We have no confusing price lists with 10 different models (no "add this", "buy that", "change this" or "upgrade that"!). Here at Wazz-a-cow™ we have three simple to operate models that do the job right, with no gimmicks, no fuss and no hidden charges. We like to think our customers are the smart ones and just want simple, effective, reliable tools in their bag to help with their training. Remember, keep it fun!

Realistic and adjustable training

The Wazz-a-cow™ mechanical cutter features separate ramping control on both ends of your run. Adjust your mechanical cow to start slow and finish fast or slow or fast both ends, you decide. Totally variable speed to suit young to finished cutting horses.

Wazz-a-Smartcow - All new Smartcow stops straight with no bounce with white timing marks for position on a Cow.

Programmable control, at your fingertips

Included in the Eagle pro pack and as an option on the Cockatoo non-pro pack, is the Wazz-a-cow™ programmable system, allowing you to record up to four different runs for the mechanical cow, with 100 moves to suit your horse and training pen. With our latest addition, a lightweight fingertip remote, you can record, playback, repeat and pause in program mode all in addition to the standard forward and reverse or speed control, all at your fingertips.

Speed bump

We also have a Speed Bump feature on some of our systems at no extra charge. You preset your Speed Bump setting at the control box to 10, 20 or 30% (this feature allows you to change the cow/flags speed on the run), then set your cow/flags speed from 1-10 at your finger tip remote (no need to take your hands from your reins or go to the box). Then while you're training, simply use our Speed Bump feature at your finger tip to increase the speed 10, 20 or 30% while the cow/flag is running across the pen. When your cow/flag stops, the speed will auto drop back to your original remote speed setting.

Mix it up and keep your hands on the reins and your horse on the job.

Built to last

We're confident in the durability of our Australian built mechanical cow system and offer a unique 2 year electronics and 3 year motor warranty, so you can certainly feel secure with the Wazz-a-cow™ cutter. The Wazz-a-cow™ Cutter has a unique state of the art electronics package housed inside a water and dust resistant control box. If needed, parts replacement is easy for the user to do, with no electrician needed and no need for down time. Our Wazz-a-cow™ cutter has a very big heart! The heavy duty motor is hand made and Australian built exclusively for our company, it moves the cow back and forth at any speed you like.

There's no need for power in your horse training pen with our hand made, low draw, high torque, whisper quiet 12 volt motor.

Flexible mounting system

The Wazz-a-cow™ cutter control box has adjustable marine grade stainless steel mounts. These allow for quick release when using our stands or alternatively will mount onto just about anything! The mounts are fully adjustable to suit any system you are currently running.

  • Set up anywhere
  • Fixed or portable
  • Safe
  • Easy to operate
  • Fingertip control
  • Unique warranty
  • Australian Built
  • Optional solar charger

Optional Extras

Training Flag
Wazz-a-cow cutter Flag features, Velcro quick fit, double sided with timing marks for position on a Cow.
Solar Charger
Wazz-a-cow™ cutters solar charger makes your cow maintenance free, it's cow power free from the sun! Simply mount it to the back of the stand, then connect up your battery. No dangerous AC power leads running through your pen.
AC/DC Adapter
The Wazz-a-cow™ cutter runs safely on 12 volts, we can supply a 240/110 volt adapter if you choose, though generally we believe 240/110 volt and horses shouldn't mix! (perhaps for indoor applications).